Ashdoc's brain fart---Salman's animal like appeal at the box office

Discussion in 'Members Corner' started by ashdoc, May 11, 2015.

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    Ashdoc's brain fart---Salman Khan's animal like appeal at the box office

    Seeing the success of Dabanng 2 at the box office , I wondered about Salman's animal like appeal at the box office---

    Lets make no bones about this---Salman is an animal . He beats the women in his life , kills sleeping people on the streets by driving vehicles on them and kills protected species like back bucks by unrestrainedly shooting them . He is also a drunkard to boot and picks up fights at the slightest provocation ; Sometimes he does bizzare things like pouring a cola over an actress' head ( Somy Ali ) or peeing on a respected director ( Subhash Ghai ) .

    And he also is the current king of the box office . Third rate movies become hits because of him . So that begs the question---what is the secret of his success , especially since he has only mediocre acting abilities ??

    .....And the truth begins to slowly emerge---he is king because he is an animal . It is in fact his animal like behavior which attracts the masses , makes him their darling .

    Lets check out women first---the more he beats his girlfriends , the more he rises in popularity among them . It seems most women , and especially those of the lower class , have a inborn fantasy of being controlled brutally by him and being his slave . Mind you , this is pure fantasy and no woman would like such behavior in real life---but the realms of fantasy are different and Salman fulfills these wild fantasies of women who get a sexual high on seeing his rippling muscles and his brute strength .

    The men---they dont envy his popularity among women but in fact dream of being like him . The fantasy of every lower class man is a slave like wife whom he can beat regularly and endless amounts of alcohol which he can ingest throughout the day . Salman fulfills these fantasies by actually doing these things in real life making the lower class man say to himself---'' Life should be lived like Salman Khan . '' His lack of acting talent makes him look crude---exactly the mirror image of the slum dwelling male who despises classy heroes .

    The criminal elements of society and terrorists of course idolize him . Why ? Because he not only is violent like them but above all he commits crimes and gets away with them by never getting convicted at all---just what they dreamt of doing.....
    Thats the reason why the criminal dons of Karachi who are being protected by terrorists are ever willing to finance a Salman Khan film .
    For the same reason he is popular in Pakistan---they love nightmares as their own country is one and Salman too is a nightmare.......

    And no wonder Sallu's best friend is Sanjay Dutt---the AK 56 toting ' almost called terrorist ' who went to jail under TADA . Birds of a feather flock together......

    Thus Salman is the hero of Pakistanis , terrorists , gangsters , whores , pimps , drunkards , wife beaters , rapists , slumdwellers and hero worshipping weak submissive women---the majority population of India . The lower castes among hindus love him for teaching a lesson to upper caste men by beating them to pulp in every encounter ; the minorities love him even more for being a muslim who is successful in an upper caste hindu dominated India and lording it over other upper caste hindu heroes like Vivek Oberoi by giving the regular doses of humiliation .

    ----Thus a sizzling cocktail of factors makes for the popularity of this man---Salman.....
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    This problem has arisen because of WEAK HINDU MALE
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    Good that you admitted its a Brainfart.:D

    But look at it like this. Salman is symbol. A symbol is what people adopt for a large variety of reasons. Because most times these reasons are simply too complex to decipher, it serves well to simply adopt the symbol if say like Raja Ram the symbol is worth keeping or dunk him when the symbol is not worth it, like say Ravan .

    What People 'pay' for is not Salman but for what Salman represents on screen. I bet all my savings, Salman movie will fail badly even if supported by great comedy and great songs and dogs and sexy actresses, if he simply puts his own story up on the screen, even if he turns himself into a Messiah in that story - 47 crore donations and all. Salman has taken up Brahmin names, fictional kings names and all manners on names to form his characters on screen. Hardly matters if he is bashing up a bad guy - be it a Brahmin, Muzzie, Christo whatever. People love a release, a mastrubation, like Kejri who is the real life Chintu Pandey. But real life or reel life both are failures because they attract crap.

    Ku sangati mein yehi gat hoti hai. Salman ki aaj pil rahi hai sirf ek lonesome policewale ke karan. Kejri ki kal koi aur le lega.

    Till the time people are willing to seek short term gratification these people will remain.

    OTOH if we don't like what will remain in that manner then we better get to work. And in such a life a Salman is only a avoidable distraction.
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    Utter and total failure of Indian judicial system. But then again, it always fails when it comes to wealthy perps.

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