Article: US gives India policing power in the Indian Ocean

Discussion in 'Defence & Strategic Issues' started by lupgain, May 19, 2010.

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    well,This article is kinda shows the low confidence level of indians who feels elated at whatever crumbs usa throws at india like this news article published in hindustan times and other indian news papers.This news is same like what bush said that india is superpower and usa will help it emerge as one and for years indian media and political elites went ga-ga over that statement but then reality struck the indians first in afghanistan than on mumbai 26.11 case and today reality is indian super power dreams lying broken on the floor.

    Now who are the americans to give policing rights to india in IOR and why should indians feel elated on this news?With USA declining its not able to police the world oceans effectively and for some time in future it will have to leave IOR and the vaccum will be filled by the powers of the day .that doesn't mean that usa had good change of heart and out of kindness it will leave IOR..thats wron premise...usa will leave IOR not out of kindness but out of weakness.
    And why would pakistan be irked by this decision of usa????Pak navy is not true blue water force.Does indians get the feeling of being elated when pak is irked by some usa descision pertaining to india.

    So bottom line is that this article is one cheap example of yellow journalism.
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    Indian Ocean is our backyard, what the hell does it mean 'US gives India policing right'? We have our might along with our right in there.

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