Army wants full-body truck scanners

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    The Defence Ministry has decided to begin the process of technical evaluation for full-body truck scanners which the Army is seeking to procure for strengthening its capability to detect concealed arms and ammunition in insurgency-hit areas like Jammu and Kashmir.

    The Army had recently proposed to procure full-body truck scanners to check cargo in trucks and containers. The proposal was discussed at the meeting of the highest decision making body of the Defence Ministry -- Defence Acquisition Council (DAC) which met in Delhi on Monday under the chairmanship of Defence Minister A. K. Antony. The total cost of two full-body truck scanners is estimated to be around Rs. 60 crores, official sources indicated.

    Sources said the scanning equipment is required by the force to be deployed at places in Jammu and Kashmir where cross-border trade routes have been opened across the Line of Control (LoC). It would enable the Army to scan cargo trucks without unloading and unpacking the cargo. After DAC’s nod, the Army would be able to issue a global Request for Proposal (RFP) for procuring the equipment.

    The scanners should also be able to detect chemicals, radioactive and nuclear material as well as various types of explosives, detonators and electronic components.

    Some backscatter X-ray scanners, mounted inside a van, can scan trucks and containers. This scan is much faster than a physical search, and could potentially allow a larger percentage of shipping to be checked for smuggled items, weapons, drugs, or people. The van-mounted scanner looks like an ordinary delivery van from outside, easy to blend in daily urban surroundings.

    The Hindu : News / National : Army wants full-body truck scanners
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