Army rewards Sukna 'accused'

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    NEW DELHI: Lt-General Ramesh Halgali, who one of the four generals originally indicted in the Sukna land scam case but later emerged as somewhat of a "whistle-blower'' in the sordid episode, took over as the new Army deputy chief (information systems and training) on Monday.

    Lt-Gen Halgali, who was commissioned into the Sikh Light Infantry in December 1972, was initially punished with "an administrative censure'' after the court of inquiry into the Sukna case. But "adverse remarks'' against him were later "expunged'', and he was rehabilitated by first being posted as the 11 Corps commander in Punjab and then as the director-general of military training at Army HQ.

    Two other senior Lt-Gens, Avadhesh Prakash and P K Rath, however, were court-martialled for being part of the conspiracy to aid transfer of the 71-acre Chumta tea estate adjacent to the military station in Darjeeling district to a real estate developer, on the pretext of opening an educational institute affiliated to the Ajmer-based Mayo College, in complete disregard of all security and other norms.

    While Rath was punished with two years' loss of seniority, 15 years' loss of service for pension and a severe reprimand, the court-martial against Prakash (who was military secretary to the then Army chief Gen Deepak Kapoor) recommended his dismissal from service. The fourth general, Major-Gen P C Sen, faced only administrative action for failing to do proper "staff work'' in the chain of command and has since retired.

    Army rewards Sukna 'accused' - Times Of India
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    Dont know if he is just an innocent whistleblower or part of the crime. But being part of the same regiment as the COAS-in-waiting does help.
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    He is no accused.

    he was in the chain of notesheets and he merely initialled!

    A Chief of Staff is not much involved in decision making!

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