Army raises age limit for NDA exams by six months

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    Schoolboys planning to join the prestigious National Defence Academy for a career in the armed forces can now have an extra go, as the upper age bar for the examination has been raised by six months.

    The defence ministry has approved the proposal of the armed forces allowing those who are 19 and a half years years old to take the NDA examination conducted by the Union Public Services Commission. Earlier the limit was 19 years.

    Sources said the move, which is aimed at tackling the troubling shortage of officers, would go a long way in tapping more students to join the armed forces.

    The army alone faces a shortage of around 10,000 officers. Against the authorised strength of 47,916, the army has 37,509 officers at the moment.

    What is more concerning is the fact that the shortage is most felt in the early officers ranks, which are crucial to keep the army’s profile young.

    Out of the 37,000-odd officers 90 are lieutenant generals, 297 major generals, 1,127 brigadiers and 5,129 colonels. The officials hope the decision, which has already been conveyed to the authorities, will bring into the fold even those students who have passed out from school and are preparing for streams like medical and engineering.

    The new age limit will be applicable from January 2014.

    The NDA at Khadakwasla in Pune prepares school boys to become officers in the army, the air force and the navy. The armed forces have even launched a media campaign to encourage youngsters to join the services.

    It has been observed that generally children of non-commissioned or junior commissioned officers appear for the NDA examination.

    The body is also focusing on organising events in schools and colleges to persuade young people to pursue a career in the armed forces.:bhangra::whoo:

    source:Defence News - Army raises age limit for NDA exams by six months
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    Situation that bad?
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    Clutching at straws,

    I am waiting to see how this unfolds,

    Will it lead to more meritorious young boys opting for NDA ? I have my doubts

    Will the existing vacancies fill up like a dream, hope so!

    Priorities at the Centre have to change:-

    Restoring seniority & order of precedence of Chiefs in the civil list.
    Stop men in uniform reporting to the babus, should discuss direct with minister concerned.
    Have a service man on board for all decisions on National Security ( internal & external)
    Holistic look at pay, perks & compensation.( with service person as member of pay commissions)
    All ministers of the union cabinet must spend a day with troops individually once a year in field areas/ high altitudes for sensitization of work done by the Services for the Nation through out the year.

    Utopian, well no, towards a better Nation, perhaps
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    I think fast-tracking the establishment of second OTA would be a better decision on a short to medium term perspective, to address the shortage of officers in IA.

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