Army prepares for hi-tech infantry accretion, special ops

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    Against the backdrop of a new mountain strike corps being raised in the North East facing China and India’s interests growing globally, the Army is preparing its infantry for induction of high-tech new equipment, force accretion along the borders, and capacity building to carry out expeditionary special operations away from Indian shores.

    These issues are on the agenda of a three-day conference of infantry commanders, chaired by Army chief General Bikram Singh at Mhow in Madhya Pradesh from Wednesday, sources in the Army headquarters said here on Thursday.

    This is the 32nd such conference and it is being attended by all the infantry Army commanders, corps commanders, colonel commandants of its infantry regiments, commandants of the regimental centres and 30-odd commanding officers from select battalions.

    Under the theme ‘Empowerment of Infantry through Technological Enhancement’, these top-notch infantry commanders are debating ways to improve the technological adaptation threshold of the infantrymen for operating in a network-centric environment, where high-tech communication, command and control systems become part of day-to-day operations of the forces.

    “This discussion is to ensure the induction of new technologies, as part of the new weapons, systems and equipment, in sync with the modernisation efforts as well as technical knowledge of the soldiers,” sources said.

    To train the infantry soldiers in these new equipment, systems and weapons, the Army is planning to induct a large number of simulators to upgrade the existing simulators to match with the new technologies that are being inducted, and to make these as realistic as possible while training.

    As far as accretion of forces, both facing the western and northern borders with Pakistan and China respectively, the infantry commanders discussed the methodology to be adopted, recruitments, timelines for the raising of new units and equipping the additional soldiers adequately.

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    saw the news means that entire outfits, technology, equipment is going to change ?

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