Army plans to step up security along LAC

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    Army plans to step up security along LAC
    In view of China’s infrastructural development along international boundaries in northern and eastern regions of India and increasing presence of its Army along the border region, the Indian Army is also busy drafting plans to step up security measures along Line of Actual Control (LAC).
    Army sources revealed that a proposal for setting up an independent infantry brigadein Barahoti plains in Uttarakhand has already been marked to the Government for prompt action. Considering the Chinese military build-up along the Line of Actual Control, the Indian Army is also in the mood to show its strength along the international border.
    After experiencing the war with China in 1962, the authorities have been kept apprised about the latest movements of the Chinese. Plans for upgrading the fighting capabilities of the Indian armed forces in the border region have already been made to tackle any external aggression from the Chinese side in the near future.
    Since Uttarakhand is a very sensitive state due to the international border with China in both divisions, Garhwal and Kumaon, the State Government is also speeding up infrastructural development in the mountainous parts of the State, especially those areasthat share international boundary with China and Nepal. Government sources revealed that the work plan for development of strategically important five border districts in the State is being executed under Border Area Development Programme (BADP).
    In an exclusive interaction with The Pioneer during his recent visit to Dehradun, former Chief of Army Staff Gen VK Singh said that the proposal for increasing the Army’s strength was forwarded to the Government following increased movement of the Chinese army along the international boundary in Uttarakhand during his tenure.
    Refusing to elaborate on the issue, Gen Singh reiterated that the Indian Army is fully capable to deal with any external aggression. He alsoremarked that renovation, modernisation and up-gradation of arms and ammunition and communication equipment is aregular feature in the defence forces.
    The modernisation and expansion plan also includessetting up of new airstrips and helipads in remote locations near the border with China. There is also talkof drafting a specific military strategy for implementation in Uttarakhand following increased Chinese movementalong the international border.
    After a major military infrastructure build-up by China in its territory, India has been taking various steps to develop its own capabilities.
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    No new artillery, air defense guns, small arms, etc. India has fallen behind on the basics, and I'm supposed to believe that the government is taking security seriously?
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    Nopes we are waiting for another Kargil then after its over set up a commission of enquiry then back to square one.

    Furthermore after 1965 IA suffered lots of casualties due to PA huge arty guns and till now we still lag against Pak in artillery forget China

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