Army officers get RAW calls from Pakistan sleuths

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    Callers pose as Indian intel sleuths to extract key info.

    Intelligence operatives in Pakistan have been making “spoofed” phone calls to Indian Army officers using Delhi-based numbers to extract information from them. This has been revealed in an alert issued recently by the chief of the Indian Military Intelligence to all army establishments.

    These calls are disguised as enquiry from officers of the Research and Analysis Wing or the Intelligence Bureau or the army. The communique said it has been observed that “Pakistan based intelligence operatives(PIO) are calling staff officers to senior officers at all levels to extract information.”

    Further, it has come to notice that “these ‘spoofed calls’ were being made from Delhi-based defence zones and on many occasions the caller disguised himself as officer from the RAW, IB or IAF leading the recipient to accept the genuineness of caller on face value,”the MI communication claims. This breach of security came to light after the February 21 blast in Hyderabad, when a telephone call originating from Pakistan to an officer of the National Security Guard in New Delhi sought information about the blast. The caller, identifying himself as an officer of the Army’s Military Intelligence(MI), asked the officer whether the NSG chief had left for the blast spot.

    “No classified information to be shared by operators at EPBAX exchanges even if the caller has been identified. Persons in doubt about identify of the caller should request for caller number and call back for authentication of identity and call should be terminated in case of doubt. This directly concerns security of defence forces,”the MI advisory says.

    Sources told dna that on some occasions, civilians associated with the armed forces and auxiliary persons of the army (Kendirya Vidyalaya staff or military engineering service officers) have also been been contacted by such callers to gain information on the army.

    The Director General Military Intelligence has advised that Commanders in the chain should sensitise officers about this. “Despite repeated advisories and exhaustive preventive measures adopted by the unit, it has come to light that army personnel, including officers, are not taking due precautions” and information of military value is still being divulged to Pakistan-based intelligence operatives, the advisory added.

    It also says that telephone numbers with exchange must have caller identification systems.

    “There must be a ‘Security Conscious Day’ on one day of the week for conduct of classes on various security related issues,” the top military intelligence officer advises.

    “It has been noticed that EPAX(telephone exchange) of these Indian army units are getting numerous anonymous calls to know about the movement of top army officials or army contingent. Such things were happening during the time of the Operation Parakram as well. We have asked the telephone operators to be extra careful while giving any information about the defence personnel,’’ said an army official.

    Spoofed: Army officers get RAW calls from Pakistan sleuths - India - DNA
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    how come army officers are doing such stupidty

    I sometime doubt about such news

    I mean there is always such news which shows officers from indian defences forces to be stupid and all information has been revelead to either to pakistan or to china

    If such had been case either china or surelly pakistan would had attack us by now
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    Alerts are necessary, but every IA office, NCO and enlisted person should be aware of such activities in the course of on-going training. Which is also addressed in the article:

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    Just few days back I was thinking what if ISI guys pose as RAW officers and try to recruit NOCs in India or vice versa. I think it is quite possible to set up a fake office say a call centre and you just need to convince the recruits that the organisation works under the cover of this call centre. Even in reality intelligence agencies have front organisations.
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    what the hell is indian raw/ib doing rather than wasting taxpayers money?
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    They are helping political parties to win elections & spy on rival parties.
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    well reverse is also happening but RAW dont make it public. If you make it public then it is useless.
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    Goddam! I've seen private companies use biometric authentication scramblers with 256bit encryption!


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