Are we neglecting the sacrifices of the Brave Soldiers

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    I recently came across a very thoughtful article written by Lord Megnad Desai on Remembering the Bravery of our soldiers.

    This has brought a very bitter truth that are we as a nation recognise the valour and the sacrifices of our soldiers only on the 26th of January. What about the sacrifces made by our soldiers in the two World Wars as part of the BIA. India contributed the maximum number of troops in both the world wars. It was largely the Indian troops who blunted and then reversed the Japanese onslaught.

    Have we in our quest of making the civilain part of the Govvt. supreme, negelcting our brave soldiers. This is something that we must discuss and debate. This state of neglect and apathy being shown by our Govt. is very dangerous.

    Remembering the brave

    out of my MIND - Remembering the brave

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