Are we feminizing the whole education system?

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    Well I know that this is a very sensitive topic that i am going to brush up today but after years could not stop asking myself this question after having a glimpse at the 12th std CBSE mathematics book.

    Are we trying to take out the competitive spirit out of the modern generation?

    Are we trying to be inclusive and trying to even include the bottom rung of underperformers with the top rung?

    Are we trying to take out the innovative spirit from the youth and just stop them from actually thinking?

    Are we trying to bring down the aggression that is inherent to the male psyche?

    Are co-ed schools actually depreciating the male values and codes?

    This is a very serious issue and if I ask this to any woman including my mom she thinks that I am a Misogynist. The male psyche differs a lot from the female but the schools today have more underperforming boys than girls so this is a serious concern to be addressed.

    I would like your valuable inputs in this topic.
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    IMO co-ed schools are better for wholesome growth of kids with mingling boys and girls when it comes to values and codes not just scores. the higher up the academic ladder the more boys outperform girls generally (as boys mature slower mentally subj to statistics). but alas FEMINIZING! arent most of kindergarten teachers ladies? that could hv bn a factor.

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