Apple and Dell supplier in China 'neglects staff safety'

Discussion in 'China' started by Ray, Sep 9, 2014.

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    We have heard laments from our Chinese posters lamenting that the industries leaving China for India are only going to 'sweatshop' conditions since China has arrived as a responsible well paying comfort zone for workers et al.

    This is an example how foreign companies like the one established in Taiwan is making hay while the sun shines in China, where there is no labour unions or any regulations to ensure workers right or mechanism to iron out labour issues of welfare and equitable working conditions.

    And the temerity of the Chinese posters to claim it is because of greater welfare conditions and better pay that is making Chinese products not competitive forcing companies in China to find fresher pasture.

    The truth remains that China is a hell hole for workers, even though it is a Communist country that champions the cause of the labour and the peasants.

    It is time to realise that China is actually only concerned about making money at any costs and is ideal for the unscrupulous entrepreneurs, abetted by the uncaring Communist Govt and the Princelings who have a finger in all pies.
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