Aping embassy blast, man bombs associate's car

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    The Hindu : Cities / Delhi : Aping embassy blast, man bombs associate's car

    Taking a cue from the Israeli Embassy car blast, a movie vendor allegedly bombed the vehicle of a businessman with a crude explosive device at Pitampura here in a bid to extort Rs.5 crore from him.

    The police claim to have seized from him a crude bomb and a consignment of potassium sulphide

    Loud explosion

    Pramod Jain was on his way to attend a function along with his family when he heard a loud explosion from the rear end of his car near Lok Vihar in Pitampura on Wednesday.

    Taking it to be a cracker thrown by some mischievous children, the businessman did not report the matter to the police.

    The next day, Mr. Jain received a call followed by a text message from an unknown number demanding a ransom of Rs.5 crore.

    Threatening call

    The caller threatened to injure him and his members if the demand was not met.

    Investigations revealed the mobile number used to make the call and send the text message had been procured using forged documents and had been in use since May.

    The police zeroed in on the user and identified him as Gyanender, an acquaintance of the businessman, who supplied movie DVDs at this residence on rent.

    Potassium sulphide seized

    The police then raided Gyanender's residence and seized potassium sulphide and a crude bomb that explodes on impact.

    During interrogation, he purportedly disclosed that he had prepared two crude bombs and on Wednesday, tailed the businessman's car on his motorcycle.

    Gyanender threw one the bombs at the rear bumper of the vehicle, which caused the blast.

    Based on the findings, the police have arrested Gyanender and seized the mobile phone used in the commission of crime.

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