“Where am I, in NDA or UPA?” frustrated Kalmadi asks Indian public

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    “Where am I, in NDA or UPA?” frustrated Kalmadi asks Indian public

    “Where am I, in NDA or UPA? Am I Congress man or BJP man? Who am I?” Universe’s most intelligent creature, Digvijay Singh’s (Diggy Chacha) beloved brother Suresh Kalmadi (Suru Bhaai) asks the question with a heavy mind. “I want to ask Indian public who loved me a lot and allow me to serve them to am I in BJP or Congress?” he said.

    DCFC reporter had an extensive chat in Tihar Jail with Suru Bhaai who had great interaction with the other prestigious friends like A. Raja, Kanimozhi, corporate like Chandra and Balwa. He said “life is very slow here. I get time and peace of mind in writing ‘how to become crores pati within no time’. However, things outside world frustrate me a lot. I am not very used to all these hungamas,” when DCFC reporter asked Suru Bhaai about his view on Parliament’s hot issue of CWG and CAG.

    “What is CAG? It’s nothing the main thing is integrity and honesty rest comes later. I know whatever I did it was integrity and honesty towards UPA or NDA… oops now I am myself is confused to which party I really served. Sometimes I feel I should openly support Anna Hazare’s clause to make MPs disciplined,” Suru Bhaai was speaking with whole of his heart.

    “Every now and then I am getting news that UPA said I was appointed by NDA and NDA says UPA appointed me. Actually due to my Ghazini kind of disease, I don’t recall who appointed me that’s why I ask Indian people who would have appointed me?” Suru Bhaai asks a genuine question.

    Source: Digvijay Singh Fan Club

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