“When I said Sheila is innocent, she is innocent,” Diggy Chacha said

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    “When I said Sheila is innocent, she is innocent,” Diggy Chacha said

    Defending Delhi Chief Minister Sheila Dikshit (Sheil aunty) over her indictment in the recently published report of Comptroller and Auditor General of India (CAG) on irregularities observed in Commonwealth Games, our beloved and most intelligent man in the universe Digvijay Singh (Diggy Chacha) has said the party has decided not to take any action against her. Diggy Chacha’s supporter said the decision was taken on Chacha’s recommendation. When DCFC reporter tried to confirm it from Diggy Chacha, he chuckled and said “I want to remain out of publicity which I always practice, so no comments.”

    Chacha said the party core committee has already discussed the matter and no action would be taken against here.

    Opinions go to dustbins

    Emphasising that the CAG report is just an opinion and not a finding, Singh said: "The CAG has presented the report, let the Public Accounts Committee (PAC) go through it in the Parliament. Then CAG gives an opinion, it is not a finding (so forget it, government as it is don’t take action against finding so opinion will go to dustbin, ha ha ha). Therefore I think it is not incriminating evidence against any person."

    However, when DCFC reporter said that Sibal Uncle said the same thing yesterday whatever Diggy Chacha was talking about. Diggy Chacha said “What the b…s…? He always copies me. I will ask Chiddu to find out the bug from my office.”

    The Comptroller and Auditor General (CAG) has indicted Dikshit and the Prime Minister's Office (PMO) in their report on the irregularities observed in the CWG.

    What CAG, its nothing; Lokayukta is actual judicious body

    Reacting on the BJP’s demand for Shiela aunty’s resignation, Chacha said “BJP has made it a habit for asking resignation of 2-3 Congress people every other day. Did anybody resign? And that too they demand based on some fluid and worthless agency’s opinion. See, Congress doesn’t have that kind of strange habit. We asked only the resignation of resignation of B. S. Yeddyurappa (Yeddy Appa) which was based on factual details listed in the report of state Ombudsman. Both reports cannot be compared with each other.”

    "You cannot compare CAG reports with the Lokayukta report. Lokayukta is a judicious body with investigative powers. The CAG (it’s worthless) does not have the investigative powers; it only sort of forms an opinion on the basis of records available to them," he said.

    "It is an audit report (?), it is not an investigative report (?). I would complement Justice Santosh Hedge (former Ombudsman) about intensive investigation that this Lokayukta of Karnataka has done in following the trail of the funds and other related things. I give him an open offer to join Congress Party. We assure him a sit for minister of tribal reforms. Back to the topic, you cannot compare the Lokayukta report of Karnataka on basis of which Yeddy Appa had to resign and a CAG report," he added.

    What happened at the Party core committee meeting?

    Chacha said the party core committee has already discussed the matter and no action would be taken against here. World famous Chacha, however, didn’t disclose what discussion took place in the party core committee. One insider said that the committee members discussed that CAG is day-by-day becoming a corrupt organization and only raises comments on the government while avoiding the opposition party leaders. Insider said that there was no serious discussion on Sheila (this is different Sheila so please don’t raise your eyebrows). Members assigned Diggy

    Chacha’s Private Intelligence Bureau (DCPIB) to find out how many times CAG raised issues against BJP ministers at the time when NDA was ruling government and the time CAG raised issues with present government. The members also requested DCPIB to find out why CAG don’t behave like independent agency rather than a mouthpiece of RSS and BJP.

    Insider said “Chacha was very aggressive in the meeting. He said that he will definitely find out the links between saffron terror organization RSS and CAG with proof this time.”

    Source: Digvijay Singh Fan Club

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