“Rahul Baba is not parrot,” says Renuka aunty

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    Another mouthpiece of Congress Party who lost May 2009 elections by a marginal 1.5 lakh votes and these days unemployed, Renuka Chowdhary (Renuka aunty) defended Rahul Baba's silence on Anna Hazare's protest, saying the heir apparent was not a parrot to talk as per the wishes of the media. She added it’s a job of Diggy and Manish Tewari. The duty is also comfortably fulfilled by Sibal and Chiddu.

    She asked media “why do you want Rahul Baba to do all these ordinary jobs? Now, Baba is only focused on common men, farmers and dalits. Recently, he went on a secretive mission to Pune where people gave him a tremendous response and said that all is well in Congress led Maharashtra.”

    A source closer to Renuka aunty said with request of anonymity “actually, Diggy Chacha is on a maun vrata (shut-my-mouth for a week course) and selectively talks. Therefore, it becomes difficult to make Rahul Baba ready. And after the 99% terrorist attack stopped controversy, Diggy Chacha told him to keep his mouth shut on not understandable issues.”

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