“Devolve Power to Tamils early”: India’s hopes are unwelcome

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    “Devolve Power to Tamils early”: India’s hopes are misguided and unwelcome

    Asada M Erpini

    A report dated 23 January that appeared in the local media mentions that the External Affairs Minister of India has told the External Affairs Minister of Sri Lanka of India’s hope of early progress on meaningful devolution based on the 13th Amendment leading to national reconciliation. The title of the news report is “India hopes Sri Lanka devolves power to Tamils early”.

    Three glaring fallacies in the statement of the Indian gentleman need to be pointed out.

    Firstly, the 13th Amendment is not anything that Sri Lanka ever wanted. The constitution of any sovereign nation is the bedrock on which the latter stands, and amendments to the constitution are decided on by the citizens of that very nation. The 13th Amendment was forced on a hapless President of Sri Lanka under the threat of invasion by a bullying neighbour and whatever that evolves on the basis of the said amendment is unlikely to curry favour with the Sri Lankans who love their country and is bound to be counterproductive.

    Secondly, Sri Lanka has had enough of preaching by every Tom, Dick and Harry on the need of reconciliation. The implication in all these requests, demands and threats is that the Sinhala majority, which incidentally constitutes three quarters of the population of the island nation, is depriving the Tamils of their due place and is reluctant to accommodate them. What many do not see or are not ready to accept is that the population in Colombo is over 40% Tamil and some of the most valued real estate in Wellawatte and Bambalapitiya is owned by Tamils. Yet, we do not hear of the Sinhala ethnic group complaining about this situation. On the other hand, the Tamil National Alliance (TNA), the so-called largest Tamil party, is busy globetrotting telling the world how the Tamils are being discriminated in Sri Lanka. If all the international advisers are genuinely concerned about reconciliation in Sri Lanka, they should tell TNA and its supporters in no uncertain terms that they should stop their anti-Sri Lanka stance and work with the government and the Sinhala majority to develop not only the North but the whole of Sri Lanka as well.

    Thirdly, devolution of power to Tamils is not on the cards. Sri Lanka has just managed to come of a terrorist curse that lasted nearly three decades, which was built upon the concept of Tamils in the North running their own sovereign Eelam. Sri Lanka is one nation, with the government’s suzerainty extending from Devundara in the South to Point Pedro in the North. Devolution would be welcome as it existed in the past with village councils and other echelons of administration that moved up from that level. But none of these was based on ethnicity, and Tamils or any other ethnic or religious group can aspire to have their own enclave today or in the future. It is essential that India, or any other country that considers that it has the right to tell Sri Lanka how the latter should manage its affairs, leaves Sri Lanka alone.

    Domestic political considerations of outsiders – India and Canada are the prime examples of countries that sacrificed friendly Sri Lanka to the wolves because they wanted continuation of the hold on political power – should not be a factor that determines how Sri Lanka looks after its citizens, be they Tamil, Moor, Malay or a Sinhala.

    LankaWeb – “Devolve Power to Tamils early”: India’s hopes are misguided and unwelcome
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    One question is Colombo srilanka and srilanka is Colombo . where do u expect Tamils of srilanka to live where there for-father used to live.
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    Con-gress dumb party should go die somewhere !!

    Doob marna chahiye CONs ko.....even SL is showing us eyes......what an unfateful day due to ruthless looters of CON coterie!

    This party has lead this country in to a situation of chaos bloody corrupt looters!

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