Antony moots modernising troops with Indian weapons

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    Fresh from the success of the launch of India’s first nuclear-powered submarine, defence minister A K Antony on Friday expressed
    the government’s desire to modernise the armed forces with indigenous weapons and systems and reduce dependence on imports.

    In the backdrop of the trial launch of India’s first indigenous nuclear-powered submarine INS Arihant, the defence minister told the armed forces personnel in his Independence Day-eve address that the government wanted to reduce dependency on foreign defence equipment and increase indigenisation.

    "Armed Forces all over the world are modernising and becoming technology-intensive. Our government remains committed to the modernisation of our armed forces. However, the modernisation process must go hand-in-hand with indigenisation," he said in a broadcast on All India Radio, adding “We must reduce our dependence on foreign products.”

    At present, the Indian armed forces import around 80% of its weapons and systems. The defence minister further said that INS Arihant should become the norm for India in the short term and long term.

    In his address to defence personnel, the minister also urged the armed forces to “maintain eternal vigil” at all times against terror strikes and pointed out that the security agencies needed to cooperate closely to prevent terror attacks.

    Noting the damage caused by the Mumbai terror attacks, he said, “However, all security agencies concerned will have to work in close coordination. We continue to be firm in our resolve to defend our borders at all costs.” He said that the Mumbai terror attacks had shown the extent of damage that could be inflicted on a country’s economy and social fabric.

    The defence minister further said that the Coast Guard should complement the Navy's efforts in providing aid to merchant vessels and also check smuggling. The government is also looking at equipping coastal police stations.

    Praising the armed forces, the defence minister also took note of the peaceful completion of Jammu and Kashmir assembly elections and the Amarnath yatra. On the Jammu and Kashmir assembly elections, Mr Antony said it was only possible due to the combined efforts of the local population and armed forces. He also commended the security forces for the Amarnath yatra, which ended recently without any hitches.

    “It is largely due to your endeavour that several misguided youth have returned to the mainstream, particularly in Jammu and Kashmir. Our armed forces have also undertaken several welfare programmes in the northeastern states,” he said.

    Highlighting the benefits given to defence personnel by the government, Mr Antony said the government had improved the pay and allowances of defence personnel and approved the Sixth Central Pay Commission recommendations. “We accord top priority to the welfare of the service personnel as well as boost their morale,” he said.

    Antony moots modernising troops with Indian weapons- Politics/Nation-News-The Economic Times
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    "Moots"? They're still "mooting" it? "Mooting" for 6 decades and still nowhere near achieving it. :D
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    China has been manufacturing world-class weapon systems since 2-3 decades and selling them around the world. India got an experienced defence industry as a gift from British, still could not capitulize on this. I must also draw member's attention to the fact that bureaucrates and defence officials themselves don't want to see Indian Defence Industry flourish, as it will cut their source of income (u know how), because Indian goods will be cheaper, lesser kickbacks. I have been seeing this attitude in DRDO, Indian Railways and various other institutions, who try to block such developments for their own individual profits. I have seen research projects being deliberately delayed, for the purpose of siphoning-off money, even in Institutions like IITs (I have completed my B.Tech. from one I have seen them bribing GOI officials so that they would extend time, and allocate more money for the project).
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    even if we start producing own weapon system r forces specially ind Army wont except in one go
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    yeah Arjun is best example, just too much votka around........:blum3:
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    The BrahMos missiles shows India can develop world-class weapons (I know it's a joint venture with the Russians, but still...).

    BrahMos will give all three branches a hell of a boost in first-strike capabilities.

    I think the chief concern with regards to India's indigenous weapons development programme is not talent or capability, but lack of funds.

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    Piffle, even in a reasonably small matter like making a carbine version of insas rifle govt could not succeed, then think of more complex systems.
    Only if fair and open bidding process open to private Indian companies is somehow miraculously created will this change.
    Heck i find it sad that the same country that crows about making this rocket and that high tech missile still cannot produce something as basic as a decent SPH for the army.

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