Antony Flays FDI in Defence, Modi Govt

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    THIRUVANANTHAPURAM: The initial days of the Narendra Modi Government are an indicator on the path it is heading for and its priorities, with decisions to appease the multinationals and corporates on the one hand and tactical moves to generate a slow communal polarisation on the other, said senior Congress leader A K Antony here on Wednesday.

    The former Defence Minister said that moves to open the country’s defence sector for 100 per cent foreign direct investment is nothing but totally anti-national, as the security of the nation is poised to be controlled by foreign forces.

    “Though the Modi Government is hardly into a month in power, it has proved where its allegiance lies,” he said.

    Inaugurating the South Zone conference of Congress heads and Opposition leaders in local bodies, which was organised by the KPCC after the central and north zonal meets earlier in an attempt to revitalise the organisation at the grassroots-level ahead of the local bodies polls slated for next year, Antony said that the rail fare hike and moves for jacking up the price of sugar, LPG, petrol-diesel and kerosene portends tougher days in store for the people.

    “For a government which has come to power by promising honey and milk for the masses, nothing of the sort is evident so far but only steps to impose more burden upon the people,” he pointed out.

    Antony said that as Defence Minister for eight years, he could say in all earnestness that despite heavy pressure and enticements, the Manmohan Singh Government, which ruled the country for 10 years, never yielded to the demand of hundred percent FDI in the defence sector and limited it to 26 per cent in select areas.

    Complimenting the leadership of the UDF Government and Congress state unit for retaining Kerala as an islet of immense support, Antony reminded that though the main opposition CPM is getting weakened day by day and it gives an upper hand for the UDF, the Congress workers and leaders should not remain blind towards new challenges coming up in the state also, in an apparent reference to the growing clout of BJP.

    For the first time in the state, Antony said, that a situation is emerging wherein the UDF Government can continue in power for another innings in a row. “If we stay united, we can rewrite history in Kerala by coming to power again.

    Already, control of 70 per cent of the local bodies in the state is with the Congress. It is a happy sign but also frightening as the people would react for even small lapses now. Nominees in the local bodies should make introspections and corrections, wherever necessary,” Antony said.

    Antony said that a campaign should be launched against communalism and casteism also. “Both majority and minority communalism are dangerous and hence, should be opposed. Like the campaign against liquor and drugs, Congress workers should join hands to launch another campaign against communalism,” he exhorted. The anti-liquor campaign taken up by the KPCC on the initiative of president V M Sudheeran has given a new vigour to the party and gained appreciation among the people, he said.

    He also called for bringing new faces into the party for the local bodies polls, including youth and women.

    “The BJP had opposed the Women’s Reservation Bill. But if the NDA Government brings it again, the Congress will support it,” he said.

    Antony Flays FDI in Defence, Modi Govt - The New Indian Express
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