Antony defends Army, says no possibility of military coup ever

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    Seeking to put a lid on fresh controversy over movement of two army units near Delhi in 2012, Defence Minister A.K. Antony on Sunday said Indian military is a responsible force which obeys the civilian government's decisions and in no circumstances there will be a military coup in the country.
    "In no circumstances there will be a military coup in India. Since the last seven years I have been associated with the Indian defence forces-- those in the Army, Navy, Air Force and Coast Guard not only with those on top but the ordinary jawans and personnel on the border region also.

    "I can say one thing with conviction. Indian military is a responsible force. While the military takes decisions on operations, it obeys all policy matters taken by the civilian government. There is no need for any concern," Antony told reporters here on the sidelines of a Coast Guard Investiture ceremony here.

    The so called movement of army was a "routine training exercise" only. It is a 'closed chapter", he said.

    He was replying to a query on the fresh controversy that erupted on the movement of two army units near Delhi two years ago with the then Director General of Military Operations (DGMO) Lt Gen A.K. Choudhary stating that there may have been "distrust" between the Army and government on the issue.

    "There is no need for any worry. There is no possibility of a military coup. I have full faith in the military and there is no remote possibility of a coup," Antony said.

    The revelation was "not new". In 2012, Antony said, he had given replies to Parliament three times-- twice for starred questions and once on an unstarred query, he said adding it was there in Parliament records.

    Read more at: Antony defends Army, says no possibility of military coup ever : South, News - India Today
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    Our military has a tradition to follow & has many smart thinkers.

    A Military coup & then what ? the burden of Governance, managing inter regional conflicts, daily grind of mundane issues!!

    India in its present state is largely ungovernable by the Military.

    Resource to population ratio is so badly skewed that even God almighty will not be able to fulfill the burgeoning aspirations of the people.

    Chaos can only stabilize after added chaos to a tipping point. Let the self important, good for nothing politician, strut about & show he is in control of issues that effect our Nation ( whereas a million implosions are happening everyday) and take the flak or avoid it.

    Call the Military when bad things hit the ceiling, we will come & deliver!! remember unless you call we are hesitant in gate crashing the ongoing chaotic party.
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    He and Manmohan Singh then requires to apologise to the Army and the Nation for sullying the image of the Army with that Indian Express lie!
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