Another Indian prisoner dies in Pakistani jail.

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    LAHORE: An Indian prison died from a suspected cardiac attack in Lahore on Thursday, officials told Press Trust of India.
    Zakir Mumtaz was taken to Jinnah Hospital for medical treatment on Wednesday after he fell ill.
    The 50 year-old prisoner died from a suspected heart attack a day later, officials told Press Trust of India.
    A resident of an Amritsar village, Mumtaz was arrested for an alleged illegal border crossover on August 3, 2011.
    He was imprisoned in the Sheikhupura jail before being sent to the Kot Lakhpat jail in Lahore.
    The exact cause of death has still not been ascertained and would be confirmed after an autopsy.
    Last month, an Indian prisoner Sarabjit Singh succumbed to his injuries after suffering torture at the hands of the prison inmates in Central Kot Lakhpat jail.
    He was taken to Jinnah hospital, where he died after slipping into a coma.
    The Pakistani government had maintained that he was an Indian spy, but Sarabjit’s family said he was a farmer who accidentally crossed the border into Pakistan while drunk.
    Another Indian prisoner Chamel Singh had died in Central Jail in April, amidst rumours that he was tortured. The Punjab prisons department, however, claimed that the rumours were part of a malicious propaganda and that the prisoner had only suffered a stroke.

    Another Indian prisoner dies in Pakistani jail – The Express Tribune

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