Anniversary of Highest ranking officer in Indian Army who died in 1947 war in Kashmir

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    Mohammad Usman - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    Brigadier Mohammad Usman was the highest rank officer of Indian Army killed in the Indo-Pakistani War of 1947, who as a Muslim became a "symbol of" India's "inclusive secularism".[1] At the time of partition of India he with many other officers declined to move to the Pakistan Army and continued to serve the Indian Army.[2] He died in July 1948 while fighting the raiders in Jammu and Kashmir.[2]

    At the time of Indo-Pakistani War of 1947-48 Brigadier Usman was posted at the Jammu and Kashmir front as the brigade commander of the 50 Para Brigade. He led his soldiers from front and in January–February 1948 repulsed a fierce attack on Nowshera and Jhangar, two highly strategic locations in Jammu and Kashmir. He was thence known as the Lion of Naoshera.[3] However, he was killed in action while fighting the Pakistan Army and the tribal raiders on July 3 of that year.[2]

    An Indian journalist, K.A. Abbas, wrote about his death, "a precious life, of imagination and unswerving patriotism, has fallen a victim to communal fanaticism. Brigadier Usman's brave example will be an abiding source of inspiration for Free India".[4] Brigadier Usman was awarded the Indian military honour Mahavir Chakra posthumously.[2]

    Upender Sood a film director has produced a film on life of Brigadier Usman.[
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    Brigadier Usman was a hero of the Kashmir War.
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    My Humble respect to Brigadier Mohammad Usman and all fallen Indian soldiers of 1947 war

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