Anatomy of Network-Centric Warfare

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    An interesting article on Network Centric Warfare.

    Now, this is a 'thinker' article.

    We here a lot of righteous lament about this being a Defence Forum with little to do with defence.

    True that 'defence' in a 'defence forum' is more than mere display of various weapon systems and discussion on which weapon or camouflage is more 'sexy' and lament that India does not have the same.

    So, here is a thinker issue for the thinking Defence Forum-man.

    And the content of this article is very general and not garbled with defence gobbledygooks or fancy concepts.

    I hope people will contribute in analysing this issue in context of NCW as applicable worldwide and India, in particular!

    So, should I say, Tally Ho?!!
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