Anatomy of Aam Admi Party

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    A very sagacious analysis of the AAP, its travails and its peak.

    Indeed, the false and cosmetic righteousness was getting too boring for comfort since there can never be idealism substituting for Indian political dialectic. It is too complex and the psychology of Indians are too varied and discordant.

    It is an unfortunate truism that Indians have got used to the idea that politicians are proverbial sleazebags. They will consort with money bags. However, the dabble in dirty money should be within 'limits' and not like the huge scams that we saw in recent times. That is when it gets the Indian common man's goat and he get 'revulsed'. And yet, so long as corruption makes no demands on him, he is fine with corruption though will not hesitate to opine his revulsion for public consumption.

    Indeed, Bhagat has made a correct assessment that the recent going ons in AAP has made it more closer to life than the fake righteous ethereal posturing of earlier times.

    AAP is on the roll.

    India's eyeballs are back on AAP to see it is can really govern or doddering around like a rudderless ship at night with engines sputtering asthmatically moving in directions the tide take it forth.

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