Anand Mahindra seeks greater private sector role in defence procurement

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    NEW DELHI: Anand Mahindra, managing director and vice-chairman of $14.4-billion Mahindra Group, has called for bringing 'Transparency and Technology' into India's defence purchase procedures to change the current bleak scenario marred by controversies.

    Speaking on the eve of inking two joint ventures by its group company Mahindra Defence Systems that entered into partnerships with Israel's Rafael Advanced Defense Systems and the American Telephonic Corporation that deals in communication equipment, Mahindra said that the current scenario needs to be changed with a greater participation of the private sector.

    "It's time for the private sector along with allies and public sector units to bring in transparency in the Indian defence procurement and change the complete template."

    Raising concerns over defence issues regarding procurements coming in the public domain, he added that the time has come for the government to assign greater role of the private sector in shaping the defence industry in the country.

    "Private companies have a strict tendency to adhere and assimilate modern technologies into new products from their global alliances and are strictly driven by deadlines. And we could have done a better job in times of such current controversies."

    The Mahindra Group has embarked on a strong journey into the defence sector and would invest around 350 crore in different joint ventures.

    Good move by Mahindra, I would also like to see them investing more in R&D.. High time India should start building its defense equipment indigenously & urgently to save our country.
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