An unusual version of P-38 Lightning

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    The P-38M was a night fighter developed from the P-38L with an AN/APS-4 AI radar pod under the nose of the pilot’s pod, and space for a dedicated radar operator in a rear extension to the cockpit. This second cockpit was raised slightly, giving the radar operator a view over the pilot’s head, but was very cramped. The P-38M flew for the first time on 5 January 1945. However, deployment of the fighter was delayed while crews were trained to use the new aircraft, and the type did not enter active service until the war was over. Seventy five aircraft were produced, serving with the 418th Night Fighter Squadron in Japan early in 1946. Full report and some photos of the P-38M can be found in the link:

    Aviação em Floripa: P-38M: O caça noturno da Lockheed

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