An alarming South Asia powder keg

Discussion in 'West Asia & Africa' started by Ray, Feb 22, 2011.

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    LeT is a global menace and of that there is no doubt.

    If it is capable of striking the spark of a regional war, then the onus for the dastardly act would totally rest on the ISI, Pak Army and the Pak Govt as it maintains, trains and finances LeT as a 'strategic weapon'.

    It is true that the nuclear threat prevents the world from acting against Pakistan, but then, the fuse of patience is running short. The Davis case has the US on its tethers end and there is talk of the US acting more aggressively. If the US acts so, then the first target would be Pakistan's nuclear assets. There can be no guarantee that India would sit on the fence.

    The US should take a grip of the reality and not be delusional that the Pak Army will allow the Pak Govt to come to terms with India. If Pakistan comes to terms with India, then the raison d'etre for the Pak Army would become redundant and the Pak Army would lose the clout it currently has in Pakistan's governance.

    India should instead of wasting time on Pakistan, should 'Look East' and build up a strong partnerships with all Nations to the East so that India becomes a voice to reckon with in Asia and then force the world powers to act to leash Pakistan.

    In the interim, India could play along with the façade of solving issues with Pakistan.

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