An-24 passenger jet crashes in East Siberia, 11 dead

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    An An-24 passenger jet has crashed in the Krasnoyarsk Territory in East Siberia killing 11 of the 15 people on board, a Russian Emergencies Ministry spokeswoman said on Monday.
    The plane, which was flying from the city of Krasnoyarsk to the town of Igarka, crashed 700 meters from the runway during landing at 21:40 Moscow time [17:40 GMT]. There were four crewmembers and 11 passengers, including a child, on board.
    The four survivors have been hospitalized and one is in intensive care with serious burns, Olesya Kukuyeva said.
    The Russian Air Transport Agency said three of the survivors were members of the crew and the fourth was a passenger.
    Firefighters and rescuers are working at the scene and looking for the plane's black box.
    The Transport Agency said the plane was landing in adverse weather conditions.
    "Before landing, the plane veered to the right of its landing course and collided with the ground in front of the runway," the agency said.
    It said a fire broke out at the site of the crash but was put out by firefighters at the airport.
    The airline running the flight, Katekavia, has been running short-haul flights in the region for 14 years. It has conveyed some 122,000 passengers in 2009.

    RIP to the Dead
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    This is not good. Russia's population is already in negative. If the continue like this, the central Asian population of Russia will increase and the slavic race would totally vanish from Russia leaving Siberia all open for Chinese and Caucasus for Chechns. With 140 million and so much land, they're really being so callous with life as if they have 10 million Russians.

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