AN-178 airlifter reaches development milestone

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    The fuselage for the first AN-178 medium transport aircraft has been completed by Antonov and the aircraft will now enter final assembly. Antonov has developed the AN-178 as an extension of the AN−148 and AN−158 family. Final assembly will see the AN-178’s main airframe units integrated including wing, empennage, pylons, and nacelles; and the installation of aircraft systems ahead of preparations for the aircraft’s first flight and certification test programme. The AN-178 development and build has seen Antonov use electronic annotated 3D models which has considerably reduced design, production and prototype manufacturing timescales. The aircraft is being developed to meet all military transport aircraft requirements including logistical support of operations, carrying and airdropping cargo and military divisions and the transportation of troops, injured personnel, light equipment and engines. The AN−178 is capable of carrying all existing packaged freight containers - containerised and palletised - including high capacity sea containers. Antonov hopes this will meet demand for logistic support in both commercial and military segments, as well as humanitarian and disaster relief operations. Dmytro Kiva, president general designer, Antonov, said: The AN −178 is our future. We create this aircraft putting in it wide experience of elder generation of Antonov’s workers with the newest technologies that our youth successfully assimilate and implement. The project is financed with costs earned by our collective. We are sure that the AN−178 will take a good place among transport aircraft of the world. Besides, it will be able to replace famous AN−12 (more 1400 airplanes were produced) and C−160 (more 200 airplanes)
    AN-178 airlifter reaches development milestone - News - Shephard

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