Amphibious Warfare : India's Capability

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    Seventh Fleet
    is a
    to Shore” operation. Keyword used for the
    operation is ‘Land the Landing Force’ with
    necessary support from the Army, Navy and the
    Air Force.
    The Armed Forces use different types of
    platforms to move troops, material and vehicle
    such as :
    • Amphibious Assault Vehicle (AAV)
    • Landing Craft Utility (LCU)
    • Landing Craft Air-Cushioned Vehicle (LCAV)
    • Rotary Wing Aircraft
    Need For Amphibious Warfare Ships ::
    On a far enemy Island or an Archipelago for
    conducting raids, assault, rescue, evacuation
    and support for other operations is where the
    navy goes the Amphibious mode.
    With India's ‘Look East’ policy and increasing
    Chinese footprint in the Indian Ocean Region
    (IOR), amphibious role synchronizes with
    present and future needs of the Navy. Nations
    like Vietnam are looking up to India as a
    saviour and defending India's maritime interest
    is one of the key role for the Navy to be
    Indian Amphibious Capability ::
    The Indian Navy is still designed for the ‘Sea’
    not for the ‘Shore’ that means we have
    credible Sea denial capability but we lack a
    credible amphibious assault capability.
    Amphibious capability is critically important for
    the Navy which has been through many crest
    and trough in recent times. The Indian Armed
    Forces does not have dedicated Marines like
    the US, to tackle shore based threats and to
    carry out littoral operation in the immediate
    The Joint Doctrine on Amphibious Warfare was
    formalised by the Armed Forces in 2008 but
    the improvement in this field is quite slow. In
    the first joint Amphibious exercise Tropex-09,
    one can easily figure out the loopholes in this
    field. In Tropex-09, troops of 91 Infantry
    Brigade were seen carrying polythenes over
    INSAS rifles to save it from seawater. The
    situation in 2014 is still the same. Indian
    Army’s need for 60,000 assault rifles is not
    fulfiled till date and DRDO’s Multi Calibre Rifle
    is currently under trial.
    But the Joint Doctrine has improved the level
    of co-ordination and synergy between the
    Armed Forces to carry out joint Amphibious
    Operations. The tri-service command at
    Andaman and Nicobar islands is playing a
    greater role in this arrangement. The
    strategically located Andaman And Nicobar
    chain of islands are the only way to keep
    China in check which is why the Armed forces
    are transforming it to a full fledge naval base
    to project power in whole IOR.
    The Indian Navy currently has different class of
    warships to carry out lifting and transportation
    mainly the Magar class, Shradul class &
    Kumbhir class and they all have different load
    and troops carrying ability.
    INS Jalashwa, the 2nd largest warship in the
    Indian Navy added more range, lift capacity
    and flexibility than it ever had.
    Some steps taken by Navy which are
    Appreciable :
    1) Navy’s procurement of Sikosky’s S-70B will
    dramatically improve anti-submarine warfare
    capability and shore-based assault operations.
    2) Adding four new Landing Platform Docks
    (LPD), all being built in India by Domestic
    3) Navy’s recent uplift in Network centric
    warfare capability with its brand new GSAT-7
    satellite and its continuous investment in
    Command, Control, Communication, Intelligence,
    Surveillance Targeting Acquisition and
    Reconnaissance (C4ISTAR) program is going to
    bear fruits in the future.
    4) Navy’s increasing self reliance in designing
    and manufacturing, from nuclear submarines to
    aircraft carriers will give a significant boost to
    indigenous R&D and manufacturing capability.
    The future will test Indian Navy’s manpower &
    hardware endurance and execution of
    organizational and logistic plans to truly
    become a blue water Navy.

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