Ammunition Production has Increased by 18 pc: Parrikar

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    To address shortage of ammunition for army, their production has been increased by 18 per cent since last year, Defence Minister Manohar Parrikar said today.

    The minister said that after taking charge he has taken the task of stream lining projects and financial planning for the same.

    A CAG report on ammunition management had pointed out that the army faced a massive ammunition shortage withreserves that would barely last 20 days of intense fighting.

    The army needs to build up its war wastage reserves for 40 days of intense fighting.

    "It is a 2003 report. After taking over, we put this on priority and did a follow-up. The Ordinance Factory Board has seen an increase in the level of production by 18 per cent. This has improved the criticality level," the defence minister said.

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