Ambush outside american airbase

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    in a fast food joint next to the imperial shipyard
    US police 'gunned down in ambush'
    Four police officers have been shot dead near the McChord Air Force Base in Washington State, US media and police say.

    A sheriff's department spokesman told KOMO-TV that the officers were shot at the east side of the air force base.

    The officers were ambushed as they were at a coffee shop, police say.

    A sheriff spokesman described the shooting as an ambush. The air force base is in Pierce County, 40 miles south of Seattle.

    Pierce County Sheriff's spokesman Ed Troyer told local media that the officers had been in the coffee shop with their computers when the attacker entered on Sunday morning.

    He said it is believed that the officers had been targeted and the incident was not a robbery.

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    Story from BBC NEWS:
    BBC News - US police 'shot dead in ambush' in Washington state

    Published: 2009/11/29 18 : 12 : 14 GMT

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    If those officers had been part of a team going for drug hunting, illegal arms kinds of things, it could have well been the mafia.

    The cia itself has quoted that next to islamic terrorists, gurellias, the biggest threat is the russian mafia, south american mafia etc.

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