Ambassador Set For A Comeback

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    Ambassador Set For A Comeback

    By Clint Thomas – November 22nd, 2010

    For us Indians, there was a time when the word ‘car’ meant only Ambassador. Regardless of whichever luxury car you drive now, you can never forget those moments of comfort you enjoyed in an Amby, right? But Ambassador failed to survive amid the revolution in the Indian automobile industry. Before Amby ended up in heritage car lovers’ garages, Hindustan Motors decided to act. They are coming up with not just one, but four new variants of the car that was once the favourite of India’s politicians and bureaucrats.

    Although HM had made couple of not-so-successful efforts to revamp the iconic car, their tweaks were limited to just interiors and powertrains. The exterior design always remained the same and the retro looks failed to impress the GenX. Finally, the company has decided to give a complete new look to Amby and has roped in Pune-based design firm Onio Design for this purpose. The first variant would be ready by December.

    All the new variants of the Ambassador will be available with an engine size ranging between 1500 cc to 2000 cc. Meanwhile, HM will work equally hard to preserve the traits of the Amby which is space, comfort and ease of maintenance.

    Do you think the rejuvenated Amby can regain the lost charm?



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    oh yes absolutely. brand name, brand association, brand recall and nostalgia are huge which are enough to script a success for this brand provided off the 4 atleast 2-3 models are in keeping with the time and not imported from the relics of past and for the fourth model do what vw has done with the contemporary beetle.

    another excellent case study is bajaj, how they changed and evolved with time, but then there was something that was very efficiently carried out by rajiv bajaj, all those mindsets which did not want to move with the time but stay in the past were made to leave the organization, and if that is something HM cant sort out, then it will be a near impossible task.
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