All's not well in BJP Haryana - Vij vs Khattar

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    Haryana Sports and Health Minister Anil Vij, who has been having a strained relationship with Chief Minister Manohar Lal Khattar, kicked up a political storm on Monday by tweeting: “Thank you Chief Minister for taking keen interest into (sic) my departments. I am relaxed.”

    While some saw in the tweet a thawing of ties between the two, most felt Mr Vij was plainly making his displeasure known at not being heard by the Chief Minister.

    Moreover he has been pained at being sidelined by not even being called for the launch of the ‘Khelega Haryana-Badega Haryana’ awareness campaign at Moti Lal Nehru Sports School in Rai on Sunday despite his being the Sports Minister of the State.

    The political leaders immediately latched on to the import of the message and Aam Aadmi Party’s national executive member Naveen Jaihind even urged Mr Vij to join the party which has been raised on the anti-corruption plank.

    Earlier too, Mr Vij had minced no words in giving vent to his anger on various issues. Incidentally, he was among the frontrunners for the post of Chief Minister along with Captain Abhimanyu and Ram Bilas Sharma, who too were made Cabinet Ministers after Mr Khattar was handpicked by Prime Minister Narendra Modi for the top job.

    Sources close to Mr Vij said after bureaucrats overlooked his diktats and even a Sub-Divisional Magistrate tore up a recommendation letter for preparing a birth certificate, the Minister had on many occasions written to the Chief Minister and other Ministers for action.

    A five-time BJP MLA, Mr Vij had used the Twitter to air his views on governance deficit when he had on February 3 tweeted that some people were trying to prevent him from working in his style but that they would not succeed. He had avowed to continue the way he did.

    Two days later he had again tweeted and clarified that there were various kinds of hurdled in politics and that he had not taken any names.

    But then Mr Vij gave a miss to Mr Khattar’s lunch, which was attended by most other party MLAs and Ministers, on February 9 and tweeted that those who wanted to invite him for functions should excuse him as he wanted to devote as much time as possible to his work. With the media latching on to the apparent unrest and dissidence in the government, Mr Khattar made a quick move and reached Mr Vij’s residence for dinner the following day.

    However, the bonhomie displayed then appears to have been short lived as the latest tweet of Mr Vij has again raised more questions about the uneasy relationship.

    Minister Vij takes a jibe at Khattar - The Hindu

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