Allow Us To Buy Kerosene From Pak, Says Mirwaiz

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    Srinagar : Moderate Hurriyat Conference chairman Mirwaiz Umar Farooq has stirred the hornet’s nest by saying that people of Kashmir should be allowed to get kerosene from Pakistan if the Centre cannot meet the requirement of this essential commodity, reports PTI.

    “What are the public supposed to do in this situation? Under such circumstances when demand for basic facilities of gas, kerosene and electricity cannot be met by Goverment of India, Kashmiris should be allowed to look at alternatives of getting them from Azad JK (Pakistan occupied Kashmir) and Pakistan through the Muzzaffarbad-Srinagar road,” Mirwaiz said at the Jamia Masjid here on Friday. The Mirwaiz was reacting to reports that the Centre has decided to cut the quota of kerosene for Jammu and Kashmir from 48.48 lakh litres to 30 lakh litres per month.

    He said when price of electricity per unit is quite high and frequent power cut is the order of the day, in such a situation any decision to reduce the supply of kerosene as an available alternative for cooking and heating purposes is “most cruel”.

    - See more at: Allow Us To Buy Kerosene From Pak, Says Mirwaiz | Free Press Journal

    :rofl: More such measures should follow in Kashmir. GOI should make Jammu & Ladakh region wealthy & prosper.
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    as if pak is overflow with gas,electricity and kerosene:taunt::taunt::taunt:
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    Clamp down on their resources.

    Cut down economic dole-outs for Kashmir valley.

    Let's see how these terror-loving scum manage to survive on a saffron-apple-arab-carpet-only economy.

    They want to show they are 'different', then they better be ready to pay for its price.
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