Al-Qaeda 'recruiting officer' from Benitatxell jailed

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    By: thinkSPAIN , Tuesday, August 31, 2010 [​IMG]

    A MAN accused of recruiting new members for Al-Qaeda has been ordered by a judge to remain in prison pending trial.

    Faical Errai, from Morocco, was arrested at his home town of Benitatxell (Alicante) on Friday.

    He is said to have been seeking new suicide bombers via the internet.

    The accused had set up a website,, upon which he set up a forum to spread 'radical concepts of religion', 'extremist discourses', 'publicity material for terrorist groups' and a private message area.

    Errai is said to have taken part in sending volunteer suicide bombers to Chechnia, Waziristan and Afghanistan, as well as raising funds to support the terrorist cell.

    Guardia Civil officers raided two houses in Benitatxell as well as a farmhouse and seized various IT equipment.

    They worked in conjunction with police from Belgium, the USA, France, Jordan and Morocco.

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