‘It’s India, Israel and US I tell you!

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    ‘It’s India, Israel and US I tell you!


    • JuD ameer sees foreign hand in local blasts
    • Says party to hold meeting at Quaid’s mausoleum on Feb 22 to alert masses about country’s ‘endangered’ defence

    KARACHI - Jamaatud Dawa (JuD) Ameer Hafiz Muhammad Saeed on Saturday held “external powers” like India, Israel and the United States along with their intelligence agencies responsible for suicide attacks in Pakistan.:mad2:

    Calling upon the country’s civil and military leaderships to immediately detach themselves from the anti-Pakistan War on Terror, the JuD chief said his party would hold a conference at the Quaid’s Mausoleum on February 22 to alert the masses about the country’s “endangered” defence.

    Saeed said the moot would be organised under the banner of Pakistan Defence Council (PDC) to give a wakeup call to the people of Karachi regarding NATO’s drone attacks, the strike on the Salala check-post on November 26, and granting the Most Favoured Nation (MFN) status to India. “We are mobilising the masses to put pressure on the government for not allowing the transit of American supplies via Pakistan,” Saeed told the media at the Karachi Press Club.

    He said all the religio-political parties of the metropolitan, including the Muttahida Qaumi Movement and the Jamaat-e-Islami, have been invited to participate in the moot and none of them have refused so far.
    “The PDC has a one-point agenda of dealing with the threats emanating from the country’s Eastern and Western borders,” the JuD ameer said.

    Responding to a question, Saeed said India, Israel, the US and their secret agencies are exploiting the anti-Pakistan sentiments stirring in the country’s tribal belt as a consequence of American drone attacks that, the religious leader claimed, were part of a pre-9/11 American agenda to target Pakistan, its religious orientation and nuclear assets. Accompanied by JuD Karachi Ameer Engr Naveed Qamar, Saeed said deadly drone attacks by the US was the major reason for suicide bombing in Pakistan, as the tribal people are being antagonised through the indiscriminate aerial attacks killing innocent people as collateral damage.

    To another query, the JuD chief said the country’s political and military leaderships should devise such foreign policies that could serve the national interest. He said by granting the MFN status to India, the neighbouring country would be allowed to use its “economic weapon” against Pakistan’s industries.:mad2:

    He also said no trade talks could be held with India unless the issues pertaining to Indian-occupied Kashmir and water are resolved. To a question, he said Kashmir needs to be freed from India, both through jihad and talks, as per the requirements.:thumb:

    Regarding talks with the Taliban, the JuD ameer said Washington is negotiating with the terrorists and has removed the name of their leader, Mullah Mohammed Omar, from the FBI’s Most Wanted Terrorists list, proving that the Americans are wrong in their perception from the very outset.:thumb:

    “Mullah Omar has not changed. He was never a terrorist. Neither in the past (post-9/11) nor right now,” said Saeed. “Pakistan should also talk to the Taliban,” he urged. The JuD chief said his party wants a Sharia-compliant Islamic system in Pakistan, with the public opinion having key importance.:thumb:

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    There's not any new thing.

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