Air India's Operations Manager suspended for fudging Simulator Records

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    Air India has suspended Capt. R.S. Dhillon, General Manager (Operations), Incharge Training, on grounds of fudging Simulator training records. This follows a complaint received about alleged irregularities in the conduct of Simulator Sessions at A-330 Jet Airways Simulator.

    The misconduct of Capt. Dhillon was brought to the notice of the Union Civil Aviation Minister, Shri Ajit Singh. Subsequently, at his behest, the matter was entrusted to the Vigilance Department of Air India for investigation.

    The investigation report has now revealed that records with regard to training imparted on Simulator were prima facie fudged by Capt. Dhillon. Prima facie, it has also been established that Capt. Dhillon has not conducted full 8 hours of Simulator training - in fact he has conducted less than 4 hours of training.

    As this misconduct is fraught with serious implications on the training of pilots and consequently flight safety, Capt. Dhillon has been placed under suspension w.e.f. 31-12-2012 pending charge-sheet and further inquiry.


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