Agusta bribes: 1-man Tunisian co routed Rs 140cr!

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    Milan Court Papers Say IDS Tunisia, Along With Aeromatrix, Paid Govt Officials, Politicians.


    A Mohali based firm's subsidiary in faraway Tunisia with just one employee was used to route kickbacks to the tune of 140 crore to Indian government officials, politicians and middlemen in the 3,560-crore Agusta Westland chopper scam.

    This has been disclosed in the charge sheet submitted in a Milan court on April 4. Agusta Westland had allegedly signed a contract with IDS Tunisia, a subsidiary of IDS Infotech, for delivering software. The orders were shown as designs of the fuselage of AW129 and AW139 chopper models. One of the contract's conditions was a monthly payment of 3.14 crore in 2008 irrespective of software orders being billed.

    According to the contract, one Kamoun Hedi was made director of IDS Tunisia. The Italian investigators point out that the “Tunisia firm had no other employee“ apart from one Garavagalia Attilio, who worked as Hedi's secretary . Hedi later told the investigators that he had nothing to do with IDS Info tech director-cum-owner Pratap Aggarwal and Delhi-based lawyer Gautam Khaitan “except rubber-stamping and sending delivery reports on IDS letterhead to Agusta Westland“.

    The investigators further point out that when searches were being conducted on April 23, 2012, documents from Hedi showed “he had made payments to the various parties involved“.

    At the time of the contract between AgustaWestland and IDS, former coal minister Santosh Bagrodia's Chandigarh based brother Satish was director in IDS. He left the firm in 2013. Satish's son Ashish and Aggarwal too were directors at the time and have continued in that position.

    The chargesheet has called the contract mode “peculiar“, and disclosed how two subsidiaries were created out of the Mohali firm, first in Tunisia (IDS Tunisia) and then in Chandigarh (Aeromatrix) in 2009 “to remunerate Indian government officials, politicians and middlemen Guido Haschke and Carlos Gerosa“.

    “In practice there was a purchase order created for Agusta, then a delivery report was created in favour of IDS Tunisia and then finally a work order was shown from IDS to Aeromatrix. All these orders were inevitably backdated,“ say the investigation documents. The charge sheet also says that though the contract between IDS Tunisia and Agusta was signed on August 3, 2008, the first payment received by IDS Infotech is on August 14, 2007.

    “It seems evident that the system functions in reverse, starting from the delivery of services to get the order of the same. In fact the first act of this step should be the order by the purchase of services. But here the bills were generated and then orders were given,“ the charge sheet says. The charge sheet also says that software orders to IDS were fictitious. Aeromatrix billed Agusta Westland directly “only for the cost of meals, accommodation and travel of engineers who would visit the chopper firm in Italy“.

    The question is: Will we ever get to know the true beneficiaries of the bribes paid by Augusta Westland?? They're interrogating only the small fry. How about the top bureaucrats and politicians? My guess is that it's going to go the way of the Bofors scam :frusty:

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