Aerocity hotel windows put security agencies (DRDO) in fix

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    Delhi Aerocity hotels which were expecting to open soon after getting the nod from the Cabinet Committee on Infrastructure (CCI) on Wednesday could face further delays as the security agencies are in a fix over the quality of bullet proof window panels these hotels have already installed.

    On Wednesday the CCI allowed Aerocity to open only after hotel rooms facing the runway would have fixed windows with bullet proof glasses and all hotels to have their own security teams. The specifications for the bullet proof glasses are to be provided by the Defence Research and Development Organisation (DRDO).

    Three hotels Lemon Tree, JW Mariott and Red Fox hotels have already installed bullet proof window panels and are ready for operations.

    “In the absence of any prescribed standards for the quality of the bulletproof glass panels, these hotels installed the panels on their own. Now there's a directive that the specification of bullet proof glass panels will be provided by DRDO,” said a government official.

    “We'll wait for the DRDO specifications and if the bulletproof glasses installed by the hotels don't meet the specification, we'll ask them to upgrade,” the official added.

    Lemon Tree, JW Mariott and Red Fox hotels are ready for operations and have already submitted their security plans to the agencies. Over a dozen hotels with a total investment of over R8,000 crore are coming up in the Aerocity.

    A committee comprising representatives of various security agencies at the Indira Gandhi International Airport (IGIA) had recommended that an audit plan should be developed to determine threats from man-portable air-defence systems (MANPADS) — shoulder-launched surface-to-air missiles — to prevent attacks on the runway. However, the CCI felt that there was no such threat from Aerocity hotels and

    The IGIA is among 22 airports that are in the category of 'hyper-sensitive' airports.

    The committee recently visited the airport in San Diego and Amsterdam to study the security apparatus at these airports.
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    Schipol has a security apparatus ?

    Get the specifications from glass manufacturer, and if its reasonable allow it.

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