Admiral DK Joshi takes over as new Navy Chief

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    Admiral DK Joshi takes over as new Navy Chief

    New Delhi: Admiral Devendra Kumar Joshi, an anti-submarine warfare specialist, on Friday took over as the new Navy Chief. 58-year-old Joshi succeeds Admiral Nirmal Verma who retires on Friday.

    Joshi, who was the Western Naval Commander, has taken over the force at a time when it is set to operate two aircraft carriers and induct a large number of warships, long-range surveillance aircraft and submarines. He will have a three-year tenure.

    He has commanded the tri-services Andaman and Nicobar Island Command and also headed the Integrated Defence Staff Headquarters in New Delhi. He also commanded the Vizag-based Eastern Fleet.

    Commissioned in 1974, Joshi has commanded aircraft carrier INS Viraat, guided-missile destroyer Ranvir and corvette INS Kuthar.

    A graduate of the Naval War College, USA, he is an alumnus of the College of Naval Warfare, Mumbai and National Defence College in New Delhi.
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    Congratulations & good luck to the new navy chief !

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