Activists slam PM for his remarks on curbing RTI

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    Activists slam PM for his remarks on curbing RTI

    Led by Aruna Roy, who is a member in the Congress chief Sonia Gandhi-led National Advisory Council (NAC), a group of prominent Right to Information (RTI) activists on Saturday slammed prime minister Manmohan Singh for his comments on curbing the transparency law stating that it will instead “support and pass a signal to those who want to dilute and weaken the (RTI) Act”.

    In his speech at the seventh anniversary of the RTI Act on Friday, Singh had said that citizens’ right to know should definitely be circumscribed if disclosure of information encroaches upon someone’s personal privacy. He had also cautioned, while talking about Public Private Partnerships (PPP), that blanket extension of the (RTI) Act to such bodies may discourage private enterprises to enter into partnerships with the public sector entity.

    In a statement signed by Aruna Roy and other prominent activists like Nikhil Dey, Anjali Bhardwaj, Kuldeep Nayyar and others, the activists said they are “deeply dismayed and concerned by some of the statements made by the PM”.

    They said they were hoping that PM’s speech would call for a “more energetic and vibrant RTI regime” but instead the concerns expressed by Manmohan Singh “will support and pass a signal to those who want to dilute and weaken the Act that they have support from the highest quarters.” “Citizens will be deprived of a transparent and accountable system,” the activists said.

    They argued that the RTI Act has gone a long way in giving ordinary citizens a tool by which they can fight corruption and the arbitrary use of power to ensure accountable, transparent and democratic government.

    On the prime minister repeatedly voicing concern over “frivolous and vexatious” use of RTI, the activists said the law “has adequate provisions to reject applications that are not legitimate”.

    Activists slam PM for his remarks on curbing RTI - India - DNA


    It is most surprising that Congress spokespersons so proudly tomtom the fact that the Congress is the one which gave India the RTI and how transparent and honest the Congress Party is.

    Leading that brigade is the drama queen Renuka Choudry, all quivering with excited enthusiasm, eyebrows touching the skys and nose flared like a prize horse at the end of a winning run, panting as if the energy within her has been exhaled totally by the splendour of the deed of mentioning so!

    And here is meek Manmohan massacring the beauty that enthuses the drama queen and others!

    But meek Manmohan believes in the Biblical directions in Mark 5:5 - Blessed are the meek, for they will inherit the earth.!

    He is indeed Blessed.

    Because Rahul Gandhi is not confident to inherit his rightful place as the PM, he continues as a substitute goalkeeper.

    Because in spite of scams, corruption, incompetence, paralysis in governance, he has weathered all the storms valiantly like a good foot soldier; beleaguered, bruised but not down and out for the counts .

    And now to inherit the Earth, he requires to gag the Mango men and the media so that it is back to business with the Italian trained code of survival Omerta once again well in place.

    Well done, that man!

    Jai Ho and all that!
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