Abu Jundal says he is being haunted by Kasab’s spectre

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    Abu Jundal is currently lodged in the same Anda cell that had held Ajmal Kasab

    The alleged handler of the 26/11 Mumbai attacks, Zabiuddin Ansari alias Abu Jundal, will undergo psychological check-up after he complained of being haunted by the spectre of hanged terrorist Ajmal Kasab in his dreams. Jundal is at present lodged in the same Anda cell of the Arthur Road jail here, where Kasab was incarcerated.

    Jundal on Tuesday filed an application in the special Maharashtra Control of Organised Crime Act (MCOCA) court here seeking a change of cell.

    “He [Jundal] has filed an application in which he said that Kasab is appearing in his dreams. He has said that he was mentally disturbed and was on medication when lodged in Tihar jail,” said counsel Ejaz Naqvi, who is appearing for Jundal in the 2006 Aurangabad Arms haul case. Jundal has also complained of backache in his application.

    The court on Wednesday asked the superintendent of the Arthur Road jail to do a psychological check-up on Jundal and submit a report in 15 days. The superintendent informed the court that the authorities had been doing regular medical check-ups upon Jundal. The next hearing of the case will be on March 30.

    Jundal originally belongs to Beed district in Maharashtra. After 2006, when he gave the police the slip after being found on the road with ammunition and arms, he escaped to Bangladesh and then to Pakistan.

    After the terror attacks on Mumbai, he was allegedly asked to move to Saudi Arabia with a Pakistani passport. Following hard rounds of negotiation with Saudi Arabia, he was deported to India in June 2012.

    Abu Jundal says he is being haunted by Kasab’s spectre - The Hindu

    This is wonderful. I hope Afzul guru will haunt all the separatists in Kashmir:laugh:
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    I thought that he would dream of 72 lusty virgins at his disposal...

    Anyway pending his meeting with these dream girls he can satisfy himself with his hands :p

    Pathetic creature need to be executed asap no more trial farce
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    Land of Intolerance and App Wapsi
    VANDE MATARAM!each and every traitor who wishes to raise his/her hand against our Motherland deserves the same treatment!JAI HIND:salute:!
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    It means Kasab didn't get 72 virgins nor Allah's grace or anything like that, false promises by Jundal & Mullahs, a lesson for potential terrorists, if you do terrorism your soul wont be pardoned and you will wander alone. Hehehe!

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