Abandoning NITI and Energy, should we debate PK?

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    So polarised has become the public debate that a good word about our own civilisation, our ancient achievements and glory draws flak in a second, without even getting to know the details, from the usual suspects. Even a movie like PK has become a convergence point to air the propositioned views. It is less of a movie and more of a political station now.

    It’s not illiterates who blindly oppose any mention of the Indian brilliance of the yore. They are all well read, foreign returned elites. But they love to hate India and more so if it is connected with the Hindus. The great Hindu empires across the seas, the naval superiority, the academic and literary works that bedazzled the western scholars, the architectural marvels, the science and technology that turned India into a super powered region, were all, according to these hate-bags, either some shamanism or might have been done under the eyes of a white man.

    The inventions that the Indians made without ever visiting Harvard or Cambridge all that goes into a dustbin they have created as Hindu junk. They need a Fritzof Capra or an Amish Tripathi to be told that Indians were the richest, the most brilliant and the giver of the concept of pluralism while the intolerant West and the Arabs were busy in brutal jihads and crusades – be it burning Joan of Arcs twice or denying a soul in women and terming them as witches. Still so deep rooted is the precipitated disdain for anything Hindu, that the moment any one from the Pariwar says anything on history and science, it is junked, debunked and mocked at.

    Similarly, those who are defending and appreciating the movie PK are the same brand of people who have been saying all these years that Modi will be bad for the nation, that the BJP should never come to power, that they are anti minorities, anti women, anti progress and are bullock cart age people. The defenders of PK have convergence of views on Ayodhya, Kashmir, ‘ revolutionary Maoists’, etc.

    They published stories terming the most popular icon of Indian people’s aspirations today as the ‘God of Hate’ and have tried their best to instigate Muslims against Modi and BJP.

    They failed miserably.

    They looked in awe as the Kashmir valley Muslims clamored to get BJP tickets and the party they had projected to the Muslims as a monstrous one, won a larger vote share than the traditional winners like NC and PDP. While Muslims want to join the mainstream of development and progress, the ‘secular Taliban’ would love to keep the debate focused on their fossilized subjects like conversions, PK, Hindu, Muslims, etc.

    Why are there no debates or discussions of the NITI Ayog? Today, Prime Minister Modi’s phenomenal global rise commensurates with an incredible India rise. Should being in opposition and belonging to the secular variety mean despising an Indian march forward? Should our jealousies overpower our sense of nationalism? Should that mean ignoring Arun Jaitley’s new budget initiative? Or that one does not even look at Manohar Parrikar’s defence strategies and no nonsense approach, but create a controversy to gladden the heart of that cowardly criminal Hafiz Saeed? Or ignore Nirmala Sitharaman’s bold moves to help the poor and Piyush Goyal’s relentless drive to improve energy profile of the nation? Nothing must be discussed on how the power sector is changing the face of India’s energy architecture? How Sushma Swaraj is making an impact on foreign policy or Gadkari is presenting the new lifelines for employment and better connectivity through transportation innovations? Or how Suresh Prabhu let the czars of the railways go back to work and entrusted the super monitoring to the most famous icon of integrity Vinod Rai?

    No sir, the debate must always be on conversions or PK or a dalit, a Muslim, on Okhla, Ramzade and Pakistani. Phew!

    We have to decide whether India has to become a Pakistan or we march ahead.

    Look in the eyes of Narendra Modi and try find an answer.

    They, the candle light Taliban, want that a movie that lampoons the Hindu Gods, should be a new target of the state apparatus. That will help them immensely. Nothing makes these frustrated seculars happier than truncated ‘Ghar wapsi’ of some sorts in Agra, a ‘ban on PK, burning of some cinema halls, and a strong action from the BJP run state mechanism. They can even sponsor such actions if none does so. For God’s sake, say something about Godse please? I will have it run seventy two hours as breaking news and the ‘nation would like to know what is happening?’ Get a chap from Ballimaran or Shahdara or from the back streets of investigative channel houses, and request the chap, Sir jee, you haven’t opened your mouth for long. Say something masaledar. And lo and behold – breaking news is created — ‘Hindus demand Godse statues in every city! Nation wants to know what is this happening? Beginning of a Godse era?’

    Hail the secular intelligence.

    They run away from a serious debate on conversions, can’t face what Gandhi said of the Christian missionary tactics, but try to invite some hurried, reckless action by govt.The moment it happens, they scream from roof tops, go to their favourite dollar grant stations in the West, and say – look what we have been saying has come true. The true colours, the fascist, Nazi, Hindu Taliban are active now.

    Just ignore them with a snide they deserve.

    They may go to any extent to grab a response. We have to decide if the pluralism in India is because of the secular Taliban or because of the greater Hindu values and then decide who we need to defend?

    Some secular commentators take a Hindu path, to have their way. They are, strangely saying, ‘but Amir has hardly any role in the making of it. All the people behind PK are Hindus — the director, script writer, music composer, clap boys, distributors, etc.

    Why blame Aamir?

    So a Hindu being a Hindu should be and can be exonerated of all offences he commits against his own faith? Hence please make a difference between an Aamir and a Rajkumar Hirani (in a secular fashion) and appreciate Aamir for his brilliant acting while Hindu issues should be asked to the Hindus alone? That’s good Shariat of the seculars!

    Those who have seen the movie, would know how careful and pussyfooted they are while dealing with Muslim and Christian icons but recklessly liberal while lampooning Hindu gods. That’s the honesty of the secular Bollywood Jihadists. They are Hindus, so what? Almost every one of them have been portraying a Hindu priest, a sadhu or a religious preacher as the goon, and a molester while a Maulvi sahib, a Christian priest coming out amidst the holy azan in the air and ringing of the church bells are institutionalised good, noble souls who help women in distress and take on the anti social elements.

    Accept this or you will be discussed brutally on the edit pages of a national daily whose editor declares that he has always been anti-RSS, anti-BJP and there is nothing new in what he is writing and what he is not allowing others to write in his protected Gulag of ‘free-speech’.

    The secular, independent, objective media is this. Doors shut for the different view point.
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    Good read. But today we know leftist commie secular scums inside out! There agenda has fallen flat and with time their so called intellectuals will be thrown back to their drawing room discussion panels (at present they are into policy making, NGOs, media, academics etc....but not for long)!
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    BJP & its affiliates should work on its PR Machinary, the intent of BJP is not reaching the mass at all & this clever pseudo secular parties & media houses are dragging the nation to think on issues like PK, Gujarat police anti terrorist drills, Dhoni retirement etc.

    Why there is no debate on Robert Vadhra, Indian Air force fleet depletion, percentage of Hindu population going below 80% & other foreign religions like Christianity & Islam grew double double digit( because of previous government lapse), NGO findings etc.

    Media is camouflaging BJP's good intents. A strong PR Machinary should be in place.

    BJP should have substantial presence in Education institutes & Media houses
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    secular or sickular.....?
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    Nowadays it's the same thing! :)

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