AAP leader blames Kejriwal for defeat in polls

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    NEW DELHI: As the disastrous outcome of the Lok Sabha elections sinks in among the leaders of Aam Aadmi Party (AAP), at least two founding members blamed it on the troika of Arvind Kejriwal, Manish Sisodia and Sanjay Singh. Poor ticket selection and quitting the Delhi government in haste are being seen by a section of the leadership as the main reasons for the debacle.
    Political Affairs Committee (PAC) member Ilyas Azmi accused the troika of "bossism'', saying it had destroyed the party's chances. "I don't know how far it is true but allegations were made that tickets were sold. That damaged us. Also PAC was just a rubber stamp, all the decisions on ticket selection were already taken by Kejriwal and Sisodia,'' he said.
    The sentiment on tickets being "pre-decided'' was echoed by another founding member. The member, who did not want to be named, said, "Why go through the pretence of application process when tickets were already decided? It led to a lot of bad blood.''
    Azmi has been described as a disgruntled element by the party ever since he was overlooked for the Lucknow constituency. Azmi does not dispute that he had sought the Lucknow ticket, "I am a two-time MP. It was decided that the seniors in the party will fight against the senior leaders of the rival party. I was ready to take on the challenge to contest against BJP's Rajnath Singh but the ticket was given to newcomer Jaaved Jaaferi without any consultations.'' While expressing unhappiness at the lack of internal democracy, Azmi said he would not resign from the party.
    Other senior leaders said the "deserter'' tag had stuck to the party. Ghaziabad candidate Shazia Ilmi said, "Across the country wherever we campaigned, there was anger and positive resentment from the public for quitting in haste. The question that we quit haunted us wherever we went.''
    Amethi candidate Kumar Vishwas agreed, "We were not able to justify resigning from the party...that hurt us. But the public sentiment was with BJP's Narendra Modi.''
    Senior leader Yogendra Yadav admitted that the party had quit in haste and not been able to hold deliberations in public. "The decision to resign from Delhi was hasty...and this left a negative impression among people. While we may have erred in our decision, we have not compromised on our honesty.'' He said the party would work on learning from its mistakes.
    On Ilyas Azmi's allegations Yadav said, "Azmi is a member of the party's highest decision making body (PAC). I am surprised he never raised this point in any of the PAC meetings. I am disappointed that he raised this matter only after being denied a ticket from the constituency of his choice.''

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