AAP government developing 'sting app' to fight corruption

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    AAP government developing 'sting app' to fight corruption

    Please merge it with "Tracking Kerjiwal performance in Delhi" post proper discusiion

    And also is this good or bad precedence begin set
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    AAP is a sting operation by itself.

    It stings, gets stung and then sings for its supper.

    In USSR, people were encouraged to spy and report on each other so that the Govt had a control over the population. It was good thing as far as the Govt was concerned, but it also caused discomfort that one never knew who was spying on the other.

    The AAP's sting operation app is a good thing, but it also adds to making all suspicious of each other adding to the psychological illness spreading of being paranoid.

    While crooks will be nabbed, but then it will add to bureaucratic delays and red tapism where none will lift a pen beyond the letter of rules, regulations, outdated laws and the like.

    One has to see how this pans out.
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