AAP, an 'item girl' of politics: ChetanBhagat

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    Best-selling author Chetan Bhagat, an ardent
    supporter of AAP, today lashed out at the new
    political outfit for the dharna in Delhi by calling it
    an "item girl of politics". Bhagat denounced the two-day dharna by Delhi
    Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal and rest of the
    Cabinet which was called off last night and said
    he was "ashamed" that they had resorted to such
    an action. Bhagat told NDTV, "AAP has really, really let me
    down. I feel so let down by their antics. The cost-
    benefit analysis of this just does not add up". The author pointed out that two police officers
    had been sent on leave following the Aam Aadmi
    Party (AAP) protest but the party had "brought
    the Capital to a standstill, demoralised the police
    force and depressed business sentiment". "They are in a hurry to come to Lok Sabha polls.
    They want instant attention and like in
    Bollywood, when an actress can’t make it, she
    becomes an item girl. They have become the item
    girls of Indian politics and item girls do not go
    very far," he added.

    AAP, an 'item girl' of politics: Chetan Bhagat - The Hindu Business Line : Mobile Edition
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