A stunning palace coup

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    Contrary to the image of Singh as the architect of reform, considerable evidence has emerged that it was really Narasimha Rao who really piloted reforms in 1991. But if Rao was the real hero of libera-lisation, who rescued the country from the Hindu rate of growth and unleashed today's aspirational India, it's remarkable how unsung he remains in Congress quarters. That itself is an indication of Congress disdain for Rao's record of reform.

    Following Rao, the next burst of reforms came during the second half of the NDA government's stint in power, when it coined the "shining India" slogan. It went into the 2004 elections with that slogan, and much to its surprise, lost. The ritual explanation for the NDA's loss was that it "lost touch with the masses" by subscribing to shining India. However, reforms kick in only after a phase lag, after which their effects become noticeable on the ground. The UPA, during its first term in power, enjoyed the benefits not only of the NDA's reforms but also of a phase of global easy money, which ended with the financial crash of 2008.

    A stunning palace coup - The Times of India
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    Well. somebody has had to be made a hero is someone is declared a persona non grata in the Congress.
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    The whole 1991 saga is a joke. Credit goes to nobody. We were broke and the only thing we could do was open market so that foreign investors would bring in money. Even a high school dropout would have made the same decision.

    Credit goes to neither MMS nor PVN. If anything credit goes to the politicians before them for mismanaging our exchequer that drove us close to bankruptcy.
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