A question to the Indian National Congress from a concerned Indian

Discussion in 'Politics & Society' started by praneet.bajpaie, May 21, 2014.

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    I know the Congress Party in India is a 'secular' party? So the question is, since this party has been in power for most of the 70 odd years we have been independent, why is the state of minorities in India and the muslims in particular, in such a pathetic condition?

    What has the Congress party done exactly for the upliftment of the minorities in this country?

    Since I know there are lots of Congress supporters on this forum, please answer these basic questions and make me understand the situation.
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    The answer is simple.

    The Congress is hard at it.

    They are blaming all for their loss in these election but the Gandhis.

    I am sure they will blame the Muslims (of course in hushed tones so that Muslims can hear) for not helping themselves with what the Congress has given them. After all, God helps those who help themselves and Congress helped them but they did not help themselves!

    And injecting fear is so wonderful a noise to hear in the ping of the EVM!

    But sadly for the Congress, Indians to include all religious groups, have taken a dislike to being used and discarded!
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    Its not a political party role to uplift a particular segment of the society.

    As a rule its the Community as a whole to collectively shed its blind beliefs and work towards its own upliftment. Hindus have the ability to question old age dogmas that are incompatible with human growth and I doubt it is possible in the other one.

    Basically you may give the best schools for free to girls, but if the community is against educating girls then what can you do?

    Also even if you give health care, but suppose because a religious leaders believes xyz conspiracy then asks his followers not to vaccine for polio what can the party do?

    Its too easy to blame others for ones failure a bit of self introspection is much needed.
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