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Discussion in 'Internal Security' started by Rage, Jan 10, 2011.

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    Since I am at the moment an aspiring applicant to the Armed forces, I decided to open this thread to ask Questions, specific questions for which experience in the Armed forces is required,and for which answers cannot be easily found on the net.

    This thread is dedicated specifically to Brig. Ray and other past or current Army, Navy or Air Force officers. So, feel free to ask questions, that are out of the ordinary.

    I'll start off with one of my own: As a serving Army officer, is it permissible to have a business of my own? I mean legitimately. I intend to start a gym or series of gyms for aspiring athletes, God willing and when I have the capital, and for serious trainers and those who really want to get fitness into their lives.

    I also want to bring crossfit into the Indian Army. It is a great, most comprehensive, ueber form of training. It is currently being used by the US Marines, and also with other Armed Forces such as the Canadian, Australian and Royal Danish Life Guards. I trained under it for some time, and I can tell you it is the absolute, most fantastic form of workout. I also need your help Brig. Ray to bring this to the Indian Armed forces. The IA and the other services have an intensive form of training already, but this will change the soldier completely. Making him the ultimate fighting machine across all ten domains.

    A preview of it is available here:


    Bear in mind, this is a much toned down version.

    This is from the Crossfit Games 2010

    My primary goal still remains the security agencies. Is the Army the best route to the intelligence agencies? Or, what is? I am hesitant to take the Union Pblc. Service Commission route, since I don't believe I am intelligent enough to clear those exams on the first chance. As such, alternative routes remain my only option. And certainly do not want to waste my time pursuing those at multiple instances.

    Please advise.
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    The only way to join the Army is the UPSC - SSB route.

    One can also join as a Jawan and then try the ACC way, avoiding the UPSC.

    One cannot do business if one is in the Army.

    Therefore, if you are interested in selling your equipment, then you could contact the Directorate General of Military Training or the various Regimental Centres.

    The clip appended indicates one form of training. I am sure there must be more.

    I might as well say that the current training in the Army is strenuous and tailored to the skills that are required by the soldiers.
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