A mother in an Inner Mongolia City donated the organs

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    cir is no here for long time, I do his job for free,
    the Mother donate his child to save others , reject any return.
    RIP , Child. go to heaven tell Indian, India Chian bhai bhai.

    A mother in an Inner Mongolia City donated the organs of her two-year-old girl named Xiwang, or "Hope", who died of hypoxic-ischemic cerebral palsy and saved two little patients in north China's municipality of Tianjin.

    The mother, Wang Xiaofei, said her little girl had been suffering from long-time torture and failed to respond to emergency treatment on the morning of June 9.

    "My child is gone, but we can give her organs to other children to prevent another family tragedy. I don't think I did it for anything; I just did it. I just hope others won't experience the pain I have gone through; I want to do what I could to prevent it," said Wang Xiaofei.

    After Xiwang died, her mother filled out a voluntary organ donation application form for her. Medical experts concluded that her two kidneys and one liver were in full compliance with transplantation conditions.

    The donated organs arrived at Tianjin First Central Hospital around 02:00 on June 10 and were successfully transplanted to two children and a 33-year-old female patient at her late stage of uremia.

    "After organ repair and re-examination, we began the surgeries in the shortest possible time in order to ensure the vitality of the organs. It lasted about two hours," said Song Wenli, Chief Physician of Organ Transplant Center under Tianjin First Central Hospital.

    "I did not expect it would come so soon. I was thinking it might take three to four or even five years, because kidney donors are exceptionally rare now. We are very grateful to them for the kidney donation. I think what they did is really touching," said a family member of one of the recipients.

    Kidney donors are far from enough in China. First Central Hospital of Tianjin City alone has more than 1,200 patients waiting for kidney transplant surgery, and that number is increasing by nearly 500 annually. However, just more than two hundred patients are able to have kidney transplant surgeries every year.

    "All went well. We are so thankful to the mother and her child, as well as this Central Hospital. Without them, I dare not think about what our life would have been in the future. I am really very grateful to the donor. Otherwise I wouldn't have had my second life," said the 33-year-old recipients.
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    ^^ Satish, what does this noble woman's action have to do with "India China bhai bhai"?? :confused:

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